Best Places to Work: Evo Business Environments

Best Places to Work: Evo Business Environments

Evo Business Environments designs commercial interiors, a process of creating and overseeing the construction or renovation of a commercial space that enhances the basic function or purpose of a given structure. 

The company is uniquely situated to understand that an environment communicates a message, whether intended or not. Evo Business Environments makes clear its intention to reduce stress and make work enjoyable through a series of fun perks that include social functions and company celebrations.

Weekly office happenings including Baggo or pingpong tournaments and Nerf gun “fights.” There are happy hours every Thursday, Kindergarten Fridays and random pizza parties. Some of Evo’s most memorable moments are found in impromptu activities, inner-office competitions and general, random acts of fun.

Company retreats include all-day field trips to places like Ferndale camp and the Little Rock Technology Park, company lunches with speakers and after-hours open houses. Evo Business Environments celebrates as a company — whether touring completed facility projects, enjoying celebratory team meals or the Christmas party slideshow review that captures the company’s lighter moments.



  • Evo Business Environments has chosen to have a non-corporate atmosphere with routine face-to-face time built in to discuss grievances and keep an open-door policy.

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