Best Places to Work: ACE Glass

Best Places to Work: ACE Glass

ACE installs glass, glazing products, and aluminum composite materials panels in some of the largest construction projects in Arkansas.

The company strives to create a work environment that fosters career growth and leadership development by following the entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) program to manage the business. Every employee is taught the process to know where they fit into the system and each person is given measurable items that are regularly checked to help ensure that they remain on track with their progress. Wages and benefits combine with the other items to help make ACE Glass a destination company for people in the industry.

ACE has created a culture where people are valued, and they see an environment where they can develop.

 It is the company’s desire that new employees will see the results of a lengthy career with ACE Glass when they look at the current employees, and that will continue to feed the pipeline of long-serving individuals.


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