Best Places to Work: TRS Healthcare

Best Places to Work: TRS Healthcare


TRS Healthcare places nurses in temporary staffing positions in hospitals and clinics across the country. It is a company that puts everyone from nurses to internal employees and beyond in a place where they can thrive. TRS Healthcare’s mission is to help its people achieve something bigger.

TRS provides schedule flexibility and generous compensation that goes beyond money to gifts and especially to development opportunities.

That includes an innovative, fun approach to cyber-training called Cyber Shark Week, in which each department competes to complete cyber-training before the deadline. Since the company is remote, it uses MS Teams Videos, with each team member changing their background to a shark theme and each department selecting a shark name. 

Additionally, TRS Healthcare offers educational assistance to employees after one year of service and leadership approval, as well as a lineup of work-related courses, business education and professional certification opportunities. As a result, the company has a voluntary turnover rate of 3%, which includes the retirement of one team member.



  • Has a program called 3D Events, which, despite its remote work environment, allows team members to travel to locations to meet with other team members and leaders. Activities include team events like Topgolf, dinners and team building/interaction so individuals feel connected and meet their teams in person. The company provides at least three opportunities for each team member across the country.

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