AcreTrader Launches Land Value Analytics Platform

AcreTrader Launches Land Value Analytics Platform

AcreTrader of Fayetteville, the company that allows investors to buy a fraction of a farm instead of the entire property, has launched a geospatial analytics platform that provides insights into land values.

The platform, called Acres, aggregates public and private data to provide information on 150 million U.S. parcels, local insights and comparable sales. It highlights important features of a given parcel, including public owner records, soil and crop information, historical satellite imagery, vegetation indexes and water use.

The platform aims to help users make more informed purchasing decision. Pricing plans for users range from a free account for everyday landowners to premium and enterprise levels for brokers, land professionals and land finance companies.

Acres is led by Justin Ge, a former analyst, trader and data scientist at Bridgewater Associates and the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

“Technology has provided numerous tools to make smarter portfolio management decisions and more accurate asset valuations. However, until now, these tools have largely been unavailable across the broader land industry and asset class,” Ge said in a news release.

Acres launched after AcreTader acquired AgValuation LLC of Nassau, Delaware, which provided a similar web-based land valuation tool.

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