Quinn Investments LP Agrees to $2.2M Judgment

Quinn Investments LP Agrees to $2.2M Judgment
Walter Quinn

Remember Little Rock businessman Walter Quinn?  

Well, last month, his Quinn Investments LP and Quinn Management Co. agreed to enter into a consent judgment to settle a legal tiff involving a promissory note.

The amount? 


That promissory note, assigned to H. Thomas Gibbons, a Little Rock CPA and one-time shareholder in defunct Allied Bank, on Aug. 29, 2016, originally was held by Lex Golden, the former controlling party of Allied Bank.

Golden signed over the note to Gibbons in 2016 to partially satisfy an unspecified debt. Quinn told us back in 2018 that the note had been paid.

“There was no effort to verify the balance of the note,” Quinn said in 2018. “I find that a little odd that someone would accept that note without verifying the balance.”

When we called Quinn last week he said that he was on another call but we could chat the next day. The following day, Quinn didn’t answer his phone and didn’t return a message.

The defendants’ attorney, Danny Crabtree of Little Rock, also didn’t return a message.

Gibbons was represented by attorneys Tony Wilcox and Chris Averitt of Wilcox & Averitt of Jonesboro.

“We believe that the Judgment entered is the correct result, and our client is happy to have this litigation resolved in his favor,” Averitt said in an email to Whispers.

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