Large Private Company CFO: Chad Ware, Central States Manufacturing Inc.

Large Private Company CFO: Chad Ware, Central States Manufacturing Inc.
Chad Ware, CFO / Central States Manufacturing Inc. / Lowell

Chad Ware was interested in business at an early age and saw accounting as the best path to understanding how companies perform. 

A Harding University graduate and certified public accountant, Ware has brought that understanding to a number of companies and has never regretted his career choice.

“I think honestly I kind of knew from high school that I was going into something in business because I wasn’t good at science, or going the medical route or the legal route was not interesting to me,” Ware said. “I kind of knew I was headed that direction in business, and accounting [meant] something to me. My dad was a CPA so it made sense to me to get in that area.”

He began his career in public accounting at HoganTaylor LLP of Little Rock in its audit practice, focusing on manufacturing, retail and not-for-profit industries. He moved to Tyson Foods Inc. of Springdale holding various roles in internal auditing and corporate accounting, including as director of financial reporting, before joining Central States Manufacturing as CFO in 2018. 

“I just tried to, at each transition in my career, do something and go to an area that I was interested in,” Ware said. “That to me has made it to where I don’t necessarily regret any of those positions along the way.”

Among his accomplishments at Central States, Ware is happy with streamlining processes that have made its employee stock ownership plan more user-friendly and a real-time reporting process that gets data in the right hands sooner and aids prompt decision-making. 

Ware is anticipating a five-year plan that includes the addition of more sites, product lines and acquisitions. 

“That’s what excites me and gets me wanting to come in every day to just see those initiatives, and then really fulfilling the company’s purpose and driving financial success and freedom for our employees,” he said. 

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