Jaclyn Henderson Blends Local Experience with Customer Relationships in NWA

Jaclyn Henderson Blends Local Experience with Customer Relationships in NWA
Henderson will join the Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce board of directors on Jan. 1. (Sarah Bentham)

Jaclyn Henderson has worked for Regions Financial Corp. of Birmingham, Alabama, in various roles since 2006, when she started as commercial portfolio manager. She was named market executive in September, succeeding longtime leader Jerry Vest, who retired. Her market also includes Arkansas’ River Valley region.

Henderson holds a bachelor’s in business administration with a focus on accounting from the University of Arkansas. She also achieved the Certified Treasury Professional designation from the Association for Financial Professionals.

How does a bank differentiate itself in fast-growing places like northwest Arkansas?

It’s about being large enough to do more for your clients — but also small enough that you truly know what matters to the people you serve. Regions blends local experience with customer relationships built around listening to needs and tailoring financial options to meet those needs. We are also putting the power of the bank in the palm of your hand through digital enhancements. It’s about being there for people and businesses whenever, wherever and however they want.

Is Regions satisfied with its presence in Benton and Washington counties? Does it plan to add branches?

We’re always focused on reaching new customers and building deeper relationships with existing clients. Our branch network is crucial. At the same time, investments in digital, as well as our clear focus on relationship building with consumers and businesses, will also be cornerstones of our success. I think we have an ideal blend of locations, experienced bankers and continuously optimized technology — but “continuous” is the key. We will never stop seeking ways to reach people, including the underserved.

What’s driving most of Regions’ business in the area?

The growth is not only from a strong consumer base but also a strong local business climate. There is good financial stability here.  It’s also due to our focus on providing a full advisory team to our clients. Our approach goes beyond just being good bankers; it’s about offering financial guidance to help clients grow. 

How can banks help northwest Arkansas confront the pains of phenomenal growth?

One way is by being knowledgeable about industries that are the pillars of our region. Banks have the ability to see a region and its economic drivers more globally. We can identify trends, positive and negative, as well as areas of opportunity. 

What skills make for a good regional bank leader?

I would put communication and partnering at the top of the list. Also, staying in tune with your region, its economy, opportunities for growth and finding ways to support them. That’s the cornerstone of northwest Arkansas: partnering for the greater good of the region.

What do you enjoy most about banking?

You may laugh, but making dreams come true. If you think about what a bank does, we make dreams come true for people. Whether it’s helping a business owner expand their company, a couple purchase their first home or a family invest for their future, we help customers grow their wealth. To be a really great banker, you have to have a passion for people. Also, the business clients we work with have a great responsibility to support many families. I am honored by the trust people place in us to support and grow their businesses, which, in turn, help support and grow local families.