Ritter Completes $12.5M Fiber Upgrade for Rural Communities

Ritter Completes $12.5M Fiber Upgrade for Rural Communities
Ritter Communications technician Tony Harris inspects an upgraded service line (Ritter Communications)

Ritter Communications of Jonesboro on Wednesday announced it had completed a $12.5 million fiber-rich network upgrade affecting rural communities in northeast Arkansas and west Tennessee.

The upgrade delivers 1-gigabit internet to nearly 24,000 residential customers in 45 communities, Ritter said in a news release. Those communities will see internet speeds up to five times faster than before.

"Through this fiber-rich investment, we are bringing speeds faster than most devices are even capable of using at this time, enabling us to build beyond our current needs as we look to the future," Bob Mouser, vice president of hometown services, said in the release.

Work began on the project in February 2021 and finished well ahead of an initial completion date of 2024.





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