Health Care Premiums Rose Just 1% This Year

Health Care Premiums Rose Just 1% This Year
(Arkansas Business)

The annual family premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance average $22,463 this year, similar to last year ($22,221), according to the 2022 benchmark KFF Employer Health Benefits Survey.

Workers this year are contributing an average $6,106 toward the cost of family premium, with employers paying the rest.

As the chart shows, premiums rose only 1% this year. “The modest change in premiums this year is unusual in that it is less than the increase in inflation (8%) or workers’ wages (6.7%) during the same period,” the survey said. “Even with this year’s minimal change, average premiums for family coverage have risen 43% since 2012, more than the shift in inflation (25%) and a little more than wages (38%) over the same period.”

The survey noted that "employer costs for benefits this year were largely set last year, before inflation became a major economic concern and after the COVID-19 pandemic led to a temporary slowdown in utilization of health care services.”