Acres Partners With Land Broker Co-Op to Grow Listings

Acres Partners With Land Broker Co-Op to Grow Listings

AcreTrader of Fayetteville announced that its land value analytics platform Acres has partnered with Texas-based Land Broker Co-op to grow the number listings on the service.

Under the partnership, Land Broker Co-op will provide thousands of listings through Acres’ "Land For Sale" layer to enable broader visibility to land buyers and sellers. 

AcreTrader said the agreement advances the company's goal of making buying and selling land more common, transparent and efficient. 

Land Broker Co-op aims to give rural real estate professionals more control of relationships with land buyers and sellers, as well as associated listings, data and advertising costs. Every broker, agent, or appraiser who joins the co-op shares equal ownership.

AcreTrader launched Acres in October. The platform aggregates public and private data to provide information on 150 million U.S. parcels, local insights and comparable sales. 

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