Heifer Launches Regenerative Agriculture Center

Heifer Launches Regenerative Agriculture Center

Heifer USA, the U.S.-based arm of Heifer International, has announced the launch of the Heifer Ranch Center for Regenerative Agriculture, highlighting the nonprofit's commitment to helping small-scale farmers adopt science-based, environmentally friendly and climate-smart practices.

The 1,200-acre working ranch is located in Perryville, about 45 minutes from Heifer's headquarters in Little Rock.

A key objective of the regenerative methods promoted by Heifer is to rebuild soil organic matter and restore soil biodiversity. That's accomplished through practices such as holistic planned grazing, planned rest and the use of cover crops to keep armor on the soil, Heifer said in a news release.

The new center will also serve as a research, education, training and demonstration site for the Savory Institute, a Colorado-based organization that aims to facilitate large-scale regenerative practices around the world.

Heifer USA trains small-scale farmers in practices that help generate healthier land bases and economically viable farms. A major focus of those efforts is the promotion of regenerative farming, which mitigates drought, sequesters carbon and increases ecosystem biodiversity.

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