Fayetteville Firm Awarded $1.1M for Microchip Research

Fayetteville Firm Awarded $1.1M for Microchip Research
Kartik Balachandran, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Arkansas who is overseeing brain trauma research at Nanomatronix (University of Arkansas)

The engineering firm Nanomatronix of Fayetteville received a $1.1 award from the U.S. Department of Defense to continue research and development of a microchip to help with brain injuries.

The Small Business Innovation and Research Phase II award will further fund the company’s Advanced Microphysiological Brain Injury Technology (AMBIT) platform. Its “organ-on-chip” design uses human tissue to help researchers learn more about traumatic brain injuries.

Kartik Balachandran, an associate biomedical engineering professor at the University of Arkansas, received an award of $550,000 as the overseer of the project.

“Nanomatronix is excited to collaborate with Dr. Kartik Balachandran to bring AMBIT to market,” said Angeline Rodriguez, a biomedical engineer and grant manager at Nanomatronix. “The goal of this Phase II project is completion of a viable product and service. In approximately two to two and a half years, the first full AMBIT product will be ready for launch, and the first batch of products will be delivered to customers.”

Rodriguez said the AMBIT is unique is its ability to replicate traumatic brain injuries.

“AMBIT is able to provide a TBI-like mechanical insult to study its effects on the blood-brain barrier,” Rodriguez said. “This platform is relevant for drug discovery and testing in the context of TBI-mediated pathologies and other neurotrauma sequelae.”