Sanders Announces Staff Appointments

Sanders Announces Staff Appointments
(Photo provided by America Strong and Free Inc.)

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the following staff appointments: 


  • Erica Freeman will serve as Scheduler to the Governor 
  • Emily Fisher will serve as Deputy Scheduler to the Governor 
  • Becca Paschal will serve as Executive Assistant to the Governor
  • Hogan Barker will serve as Executive Aide to the Governor 
  • Cassie Cohu will serve as Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff
  • Derek Mack will serve as Administrative Assistant

Boards & Commissions:

  • Melody Bozza will serve as Deputy Director of Boards & Commissions 
  • Meagan Barnett will serve as Boards & Commissions Assistant


  • Olivia Wales will serve as Press Assistant 
  • Randall Lee will serve as Photographer 

 Constituent Services:

  • Sandra Hollowell will serve as Constituent Services Director  
  • Jennifer Siccardi will serve as Receptionist
  • Steven Barba will serve as Constituent Services Counselor 
  • Mica Chesshir will serve as Constituent Services Counselor
  • AnneAshley Bryant will serve as Constituent Services Counselor


  • Cole Jester will serve as Deputy Legal Counsel
  • Kelsey Bateman will serve as Associate Legal Counsel
  • Cortney Kennedy will serve as Associate Legal Counsel
  • Apprilla Porch will serve as Clemency & Extraditions Coordinator


  • Teddy Stewart will serve as Chief of Staff to the First Gentleman 
  • Trent Minner will serve as Deputy Legislative Director  
  • Aaron Black will serve as Budget Director 
  • Morgan Warbington will serve as Education Liaison 
  • Chafer Stanley will serve as Regulatory, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Liaison  
  • Nick Ortiz will serve as Public Safety & Military Liaison 
  • Selby Tucker will serve as Economic Development & Tax Liaison 
  • Joseph Givens will serve as Infrastructure Liaison 
  • Gabrielle Harvey will serve as Legislative Aide 

Public Affairs:

  • Brittany Branard will serve as Deputy Director of Public Affairs 
  • Randall King will serve as Research & Policy Coordinator 
  • Levi Wykes will serve as Coordinator of Coalitions & Advance 
  • Sophie Cree will serve as Executive Assistant for Public Affairs

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