LR's First 7 Brew to Open Soon

LR's First 7 Brew to Open Soon
7 Brew Drive-Thru Coffee at 11100 N. Rodney Parham Road in Little Rock. (Karen E. Segrave)

Your Whispers staff has a new target opening date for Little Rock’s first 7 Brew Coffee Co. stand, at the site of the former Shorty Small’s restaurant at 11100 N. Rodney Parham Road: Jan. 30.

That information comes courtesy of Brandon Sebald of Brew Crew LLC, based in Fayetteville, the franchisee for that location and more to come in Arkansas and elsewhere.

The drive-through coffee store was scheduled to open Jan. 9, but, Sebald said, his construction crew discovered an underground water table that left the site too water-logged to pave.

The crew had to cut out 12 to 18 inches of “really wet soil that would have taken months to dry out” and replace it with new soil and a rock base. The goal was to pave last weekend and then this week to stripe the parking lot, undergo final inspections, do in-store training and “then open on the 30th,” he said.

Brew Crew is also opening a second Little Rock 7 Brew at 8023 Cantrell Road. The modular building housing the 500-SF stand was placed at the site on Thursday, and Sebald said he hoped it would be open by late February or early March.

7 Brew Coffee is a rapidly growing drive-through coffee chain founded in Rogers in 2017 and now based in Fayetteville. It currently has 41 locations but plans many more.

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