Clarksville Focuses on Outdoor Rec with Vision 21

Clarksville Focuses on Outdoor Rec with Vision 21

(Editor's Note: Each year, Arkansas Business partners with the Arkansas Municipal League to present the Trendsetter City awards, which recognize exceptional initiatives underway in municipalities across the state. Large, medium and small-sized cities were honored in six categories: Diversity and Inclusion; Education/Workforce Development; Infrastructure and Water; Public Works/Environmental and Green Management; Technology and Security; and Tourism Development/Creative Culture. Below is one winner's story. For more, click here.) 

Tourism Development/Creative Culture
Honorable Mention • 5,000-20,000

Population: 9,476
Mayor: David Rieder
County: Johnson
Region: Northwest

The Challenge

Clarksville wanted to boost tourism and bring tourism dollars to the city while also adding unique features that foster an inclusive environment in which all citizens can get out and enjoy the community. The city wanted to honor its history, improve recreation and outdoor activities for individuals and families and provide more space for Clarksville’s youth to congregate safely and participate in a number of physical activities.

The Red Lick Mountain Bike Trail System will include historic names and markers for each trail through a partnership with the Johnson County Historical Society.

The Solution

By voting to refinance an existing police and fire bond for two additional years, Clarksville approved the city’s Vision 21 plan. By lowering the interest rate Clarksville is able to make strides in community development with the construction of a mountain bike trail system, inclusive playground, an extension to the multipurpose building, a baseball complex, a remodel of the soccer complex and, partnering with the Johnson County Historical Society, remodeling and repairing the historical building and museum.

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