Business is Steady at Native Green, Says CEO Kattie Hansen

Business is Steady at Native Green, Says CEO Kattie Hansen
Hansen’s father, Walter Koon, was the contractor on the renovation of the dispensary site at 3720 Cantrell Road. (Provided)

Before joining the medicinal cannabis industry with Native Green, a dispensary, lab and boutique grow operation, Kattie Hansen started in television with KTHV-TV, Channel 11, in Little Rock, and developed a career as a TV host and spokesperson. Later, she started a photography and life-coaching studio, working with charities and nonprofits around the state.

Hansen is a graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

How did you get into the medical marijuana industry?

We entered the cannabis market driven solely with our friends and prospective patients in mind. We came into this arena not having built a group of millionaires to back us on this endeavor, but with an understanding of business and an unwavering commitment to help people and help them understand cannabis. The perception of cannabis has been skewed for far too long.

How has business been since you opened in 2021?

Business at Native Green has been steady since opening. Despite the challenges of operating in a small market with a limited number of patients, Native Green has managed to maintain its patient base. In preparation for the potential legalization of recreational cannabis, we have big plans in place. The team at Native Green feels optimistic about the future and is confident that the business will continue to grow and thrive in the coming years, as the market expands and more people potentially have access to cannabis for recreational use.

What has struck a chord with patients? What products do they like, and what hasn’t been so popular?

Flower accounts for 60% of sales at Native Green. We have found that certain products, such as sublinguals, bubble hash, live resin and certain seasonal flavors of chocolates and gummies, did not perform well. The market seems to favor high-THC content and gummies. However, patients are becoming more educated and are starting to shift toward full-spectrum cartridges and flower that has attractive terpene profiles. Since starting our Golden line, we have seen an increase in new patients seeking out our new exclusive flower strains and edibles.

What are your keys to success?

Being a knowledgeable and passionate advocate for cannabis and its many benefits, along with having variety of products, a solid pricing structure and an easily accessible location like ours on Cantrell Road in Little Rock. We faced many challenges, having to add flower beds at our location, which cut the size of our parking lot considerably. Our point-of-sale system decided to not work properly at the most inopportune time. But we kept our focus on the patients.

They say mistakes often yield powerful lessons. What lessons have you learned?

When we first opened we felt that we did not have the right team members in place, people who shared our values and goals. We went through several cultivators who lacked knowledge in managing a large grow, and didn’t have the necessary care and concern for the end product. We now have an expert cultivator with more than 20 years of experience, and he brings a wealth of knowledge. His name is Greg McAllister, and he relocated his family from Colorado to help us build our Golden brand of flower. He has truly changed the game for us.