The Conductor Announces Free Expert Network for Small Businesses

The Conductor Announces Free Expert Network for Small Businesses
(The Conductor)

Entrepreneurial support organization The Conductor of Conway is starting a free subject-matter expert network for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The network, called Conductor Connect, is scheduled to launch March 14.

It will provide guidance on a variety of disciplines, including sales, marketing, app development, general business, leadership, and business strategy. Each month, the network will host appointment-based office hours at the Arnold Innovation Center in Conway.  

The network will offer one-off support, advice and mentorship on an ongoing basis, or access to networks and resources to help business owners.

"We believe Conductor Connect will be a vital resource for area businesses," said Grace Rains, executive director of The Conductor, said in a news release. "We know that entrepreneurs are more likely to be successful when they have access to top-tier expertise, but often cannot afford to pay experts for their time.

"So, we’ve put together a roster of experts that we will continue to grow in the future to provide valuable insights and guidance to businesses at no cost, eliminating barriers to success.”

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