Woman-Run by Wright Lindsey Jennings Presents Jennifer Martinez Belt

Woman-Run by Wright Lindsey Jennings Presents Jennifer Martinez Belt
Jennifer Martinez Belt • Scott Family Amazeum (Beth Hall - Beth Hall Photography)
Jennifer Martinez Belt is the chief philanthropy officer for the Scott Family Amazeum located in the heart of Bentonville, Arkansas. She leads the development, communications and marketing teams.
She has 20 years of experience in nonprofit organizations and connecting people through mission-driven work. She enjoys bringing the community together to make positive change.
Jennifer is a native of Fort Smith and a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas. In addition to her work, Jennifer is married to Scott Belt and they have two children, Sloane and Thomas. She is an active member of her community and many statewide organizations.

What is your vision for your business and our community?

My vision for the Amazeum is to continue to create a space where everyone belongs — a place where anyone can explore science, art, and play and be curious about how things work. From the cradle to career, there is something to be excited about at the Amazeum!

There is also a community component to the work we do at the Amazeum; we are a big part of why people are visiting Northwest Arkansas. We bring learning to life and enhance family involvement. And we continue to grow …

What advice do you have for keeping a team focused and motivated in challenging times?

Remember to stay focused on the big picture, not the difficult moment. Will it matter in five minutes? Will it matter in five years?

Everyone has the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. But move on from those mistakes. I think we all need to find that grace, it leads to a healthy work environment and I strive for that with my team. I love setting professional and personal goals for everyone so we have something to work towards and stay motivated as a team and as individuals.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Having the opportunity to work for many of the Arkansas congressional delegation in Washington, D.C., early in my career. It was a special time and I created long-lasting relationships with many people all over the state.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and career?

My parents have always been the strongest influence in my life. They have always put my needs above their own, and they still continue to this day to support my career by helping me with carpool lines.

Family is my number one priority and they affect how I think about my life and career.

Tell us the most meaningful piece of career or life advice you have received.

Over the years I've received great advice from some wonderful people and mentors. But I like to keep it simple — be all in.

How do you like to de-stress after a difficult day/week?

I am an extrovert, so I am most comfortable when I am around people. When I do have the opportunity to de-stress, I love being outside. I love my native garden and keeping my bird feeders full. I love to read and am always looking for the next good book.