Founders of Big Red Buy Fayetteville Home (NWA Real Deals)

Founders of Big Red Buy Fayetteville Home (NWA Real Deals)
Doug Hendrix, left, and his brother David Hendrix own Summerwood Partners LLC of Bryant, which owns convenience store chain Big Red and this year ranked No. 5 for revenue growth among the largest private companies in Arkansas. (Karen E. Segrave)

A subsidiary associated with the founders of Big Red Stores paid $2.95 million for a home in Fayetteville.

East North Real Estate 1 LLC, led by brothers David and Doug Hendrix of Bryant, bought the 6,340-SF home on North Candlewood Drive.

David and Doug Hendrix founded Big Red Stores in 1997 and sold the franchise for $225.7 million to Canadian firm Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. in April 2023.

The seller was Fayetteville dentist Erin Brady, who bought the home from former University of Arkansas star and 10-year NBA player Ronnie Brewer. Brady bought the home for less than $2.4 million in 2021, making it the sixth-most expensive home sold in northwest Arkansas that year.

Clear Creek Home

A 7,135-SF home on Prestwick South Circle in the Clear Creek subdivision in Fayetteville sold for $2.9 million.

The gated subdivision surrounds Tyson Foods Inc. Chairman John Tyson’s Blessings Golf Club, and the five-bed, seven-bath home overlooks 12th green.

The buyers should fit right in: Tyson Foods executive Brady Stewart and his wife, Laura Elizabeth.

Tyson Foods hired Stewart as group president of its fresh meats division in December. 

The seller was Prestwick South Circle LLC, organized by Fayetteville corporate lawyer T. Craig Jones and real estate agent Jennifer Banks. Prestwick South Circle LLC acquired the property in 2020 from Devin and Sheila Cole.

Sixpack for Jettpack

Investors from California paid $2.3 million for six rental properties in Fayetteville.

Thomas and Juliette Packard of El Segundo, who operate Jettpack Real Estate, bought the 1,401-SF homes through Nikki’s Nest Egg LLC. Three of the properties are on North Leverett Avenue, and the others are on North Wish Lane. Each is a three-bedroom, 2½-bath place with an attached two-car garage. 

University Credit Union in Los Angeles provided a $1.13 million loan.

The seller was Hutch Development Inc. of New Blaine, led by President Todd Elliott. Hutch Development acquired them for $1.52 million in 2021.

NWA Food Bank

A subsidiary of Middleton Heat & Air in Bryant paid $2.05 million for the 24,968-SF home of the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.

Middleton is one of the state’s largest HVAC companies. The purchase was made through the Larry Middleton Family Trust and the Mark Middleton Family Trust.

The property is on June Self Drive in Rogers, named for the founder of the food bank. The food bank, led by CEO Kent Eikenberry, has announced it will move to a new location at  Pleasant Grove Road and Honeysuckle Street in Lowell next year. The new facility is under construction.

Boss Man

A Springfield, Missouri, investor paid $1.25 million for a fast-food restaurant in Rogers. Curtis Jared, who heads his own real estate company, bought the 2,824-SF Boss Man location on South Pleasant Crossing Boulevard. Boss Man, formerly known as King Burrito, sits on 0.85 acre and is operating under a lease that runs through 2031.

Central Bank of the Ozarks in Springfield provided a $625,000 loan.

The seller was PCPC1 LLC, led by Matt Sitton of Rogers. Sitton acquired the property for $1.065 million in 2019.

Reindl Development

Fayetteville real estate developer Brian Reindl paid $850,000 for a multifamily property on West Center Street in Fayetteville.

The complex, totaling more than 4,100 SF, has six two-bedroom units. It was the site of a fatal fire in 2020, and its online listing said it is zoned for various uses in addition to multifamily.

Reindl was the producer and screenwriter of “Greater,” the movie about former UA football star Brandon Burlsworth. The seller was Satsang LLC, led by Stephani and Shawn Jungmeyer of Fayetteville, which bought the project in 2021.