Medical Marijuana Prices Decline in Arkansas

Medical Marijuana Prices Decline in Arkansas
(Beth Hall)

As the industry matures, the price of medical marijuana has been coming down. 

That’s true in Arkansas and elsewhere. Last week, for instance, the Boston Globe reported the closing of a few of the more than 100 dispensaries that opened in Massachusetts after legalization in 2018. “Pot prices have tanked,” the headline explained.

Whispers took a look at prices in Arkansas, where state law limits the number of dispensaries to 40. Monthly reports issued by the Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration, which includes the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission, show a steady decline in the price over the first six months of this year even as sales rose just as steadily.

The average price per pound statewide for all of 2022 was about $5,466, down from $6,565 in 2021. In June, it was $4,545. Arkansas dispensaries combined sold an average of 4,212 pounds per month last year. In June they sold 5,149 pounds.