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$2.21 Million in Incentives Paid for ‘Mud’

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As of last Wednesday, the state of Arkansas had paid $2.21 million in incentives to the makers of the film “Mud.”

That represents 93 percent of the nearly $2.4 million in incentives the state has paid since July 2007 to filmmakers working in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission administers the film incentives, which are paid out of the governor’s Quick Action Closing Fund.

The $2.2 million paid for “Mud” was just a “so far” total, said AEDC spokesman Joe Holmes, because audits of the more than $10 million movie’s expenses are not complete yet.

Arkansas offers a 15 percent rebate program for moviemakers, like those of “Mud,” who bring projects to the state.  

Filmmakers with projects that fit specific criteria, such as budgets of $50,000 or greater, are reimbursed by the state for 15 percent of certain in-state expenses. The state offers an additional 10 percent rebate for hiring Arkansans to staff production crews.

“Mud,” which Little Rock native Jeff Nichols directed, was the largest production ever filmed in Arkansas. The movie premiered in May at the Cannes Film Festival and early reviews have been almost unanimous in their praise.

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