John Glasgow's Brother Doesn't Believe Felon's Story About Burying Body

John Glasgow's Brother Doesn't Believe Felon's Story About Burying Body
John Glasgow

KARK-TV, Channel 4, reported Wednesday evening that a convicted felon in Conway has claimed to have helped bury the body of Little Rock construction executive John Glasgow just outside Pulaski County almost four years ago.

Reporter Lauren Trager relied on interviews with the convict, Jon Brawner, and his Conway attorney, Frank Shaw, as well as unidentified law enforcement sources.

Roger Glasgow of Little Rock, John's brother, told on Wednesday evening that he had known of Brawner's claim for several months.

"I don't believe the story at all," he said. "Basically I think he wants to cut some kind of deal."

According to the narrative relayed to Roger Glasgow by the Little Rock Police Department, Brawner claimed that some "thugs from Malvern" to whom he owed money recruited him to help bury a body in a bean field near England (Lonoke County) on the evening that John Glasgow disappeared, Jan. 28, 2008.

Roger Glasgow said Brawner led law enforcement to the field and to what he said was the exact spot where the 45-year-old was buried, but digging in the area yielded no evidence. The LRPD plans to borrow a sonogram machine from the University of Arkansas' archaeology department to try to determine whether any dirt in the field has been disturbed, Glasgow said.

KARK reported that Brawner pleaded guilty to theft for his role in the attempted kidnapping in Conway County of businessman Jim Davens in the summer of 2009. In that case, Davens' son shot and killed another one of the assailants.

The fact that Brawner was involved in the attempted kidnapping of a businessman, Roger Glasgow said, was the only part of his story that might suggest any connection with his brother's disappearance a year and a half earlier. Although the LRPD and the Arkansas State Police have received multiple tips and leads in the case, Roger Glasgow said Brawner was the only person - other than psychics - to claim actual knowledge of where John's body could be found.

Glasgow was declared dead last year.