Clean Line Energy Plans to Install Cables in Arkansas

Plains & Eastern Clean Line Oklahoma LLC, a subsidiary of Clean Line Energy Partners LLC of Houston, this week announced agreements furthering its plans to install overhead high voltage direct current transmission lines through several states, including Arkansas.

Plains & Eastern Clean Line was approved to conduct business as a public utility in Oklahoma. This agreement is part of the energy company's plan to connect 7,000 megawatts of energy generation from western Oklahoma, southwest Kansas and the Texas Panhandle to Tennessee Valley Authority, Arkansas and other southeastern markets. Plains & Eastern also announced a memorandum of understanding with TVA, allowing the energy company to have some influence in TVA areas.

The project is intended to install 800 miles of HVDC lines and power 2 million homes.
Clean Line reported the project will create about $14 billion in clean energy projects and generate thousands of jobs.

On a state level, General Cable Technologies Corp. of Malvern agreed to provide about $100 million of cable for the project. Clean Line estimates property taxes from the transmission lines will generate millions of dollars for the state, and hundreds of temporary construction jobs will be created.