Jeff Stalnaker's Tips On Protecting Your Phone From Telemarketers

Nobody likes telemarketers.

First Orion CEO Jeff Stalnaker has a few tips to help protect mobile or landline telephones from unwanted calls:

  • Register your cellphone number on the National Do Not Call list. Stalnaker estimates that more than 50 percent of mobile phone numbers are not registered on the DNC.
  • Limit to whom you provide your cellphone number. If you have a landline number, use that for deliveries and purchases, but use the forwarding function so that your landline forwards your calls to your cellphone.
  • Read the fine print on disclosures that tell you where your personal information is going. Be aware that online companies are required to provide the typical box to check, which offers you the option to not share your personal information. You can also scan disclosures for words such as "privacy," "personal data," "third parties or affiliates" and "security," as they are generally where the disclosure contains information on what the company is going to do with your personal data.
  • Don't enter sweepstakes, contests and drawings for prizes without understanding where your personal information is going.
  • Be cautiously charitable. When making a donation, make sure you ask to be excluded from any telemarketing activities in the future.
  • All telemarketers and companies that use telemarketers must manage an internal DNC list. Ask to be put on the internal DNC. This applies even when you have a relationship with that business. They may still call you about your account, but not to sell you anything.
  • Be smart about giving any personal information out. Ask, ask and ask again about where your information is going, who has access to it and why. Always opt out of any future campaigns.


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