Acticut International Headquarters Coming to Fayetteville

After multiple visits over the past two years, Thomas Lago has chosen Fayetteville as the new home for Acticut International AB.

Lago is the chairman and chief scientist of the Swedish-based company that currently has its U.S. headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lago first visited Fayetteville in 2008, and announced Friday his intention to establish a new worldwide corporate office here.

"We have been extremely impressed with the way we have been received and special thanks must go to Steve Rust," Lago said in the press release. Rust is CEO of the Green Valley Development, based in Fayetteville.

"We will look to bring jobs to the company and also be part of helping to bring more business to [Northwest Arkansas] through our extensive international network."

Acticut is an acoustics and vibration-solution firm with its current corporate headquarters in Falkenburg, outside Stockholm. Acticut will perform research and development, sales and marketing, and manufacturing from its Fayetteville base.

The company is expected to employ a staff of about 10 in its first year, with an aim of growing to 20 or more in its second year.

Acticut's core business is in the field of active vibration control. One of its systems is designed to reduce or eliminate vibrations in metal cutting applications. The system also reduces noise levels and waste.

Plans also are in the works for Acticut to introduce a product that create 3D sound in a single speaker. The company hopes the technology will be applied at concerts, movie theaters and in educational settings.

Acticut is an Innovate Arkansas client.