Hendren Files Bills to Regulate Cell Phone Use in Autos, Helmets and Insurance for Motorcyclists

Sen. Kim Hendren, R-Gravette, has filed two bills dealing with the use of cell phones in automobiles and helmets and insurance for motorcyclists.

The first bill, SB28, would prohibit a driver under 18 from operating a motor vehicle while using a "cellular telephone device."

SB28 is the second bill prefiled for the General Assembly seeking to deal with cell phone use in automobiles.

HB1013 was filed by Rep. Ray Kidd, D-Jonesboro, earlier this month. It would prohibit all motorists in Arkansas from using cell phones while driving.

Hendren's second bill, SB29, would require anyone operating or riding on a motorcycle to wear protective headgear or to "carry adequate coverage under a health plan."

"An operator of a motorcycle who has proof of a minimum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) coverage under a health insurance plan for injuries incurred as a result of an accident while operating or riding on a motorcycle without protective headgear is exempt from wearing protective headgear under subsection," the bill says.

Planning Districts

Also Wednesday, Rep. Clark Hall, D-Marvell, filed HB1025, which would move the East Arkansas Planning and Development District’s headquarters from Jonesboro to Wynne.

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