With Ratings Down, Magic 105 Will Move to New Spot On Dial, Change Its Name

KMJX-FM, known for decades as classic rock station Magic 105, will move up the dial to 106.7 FM and change its name to Tom-FM.

Clear Channel Broadcasting, which owns the station, announced the move Friday. It said classic country radio station KHKN-FM, 106.7 "The Wolf" will switch to 105.1 FM on March 3, the spot now occupied by KMJX, to give it a greater signal.

The move comes as Magic 105, once among the market's top five stations, has fallen in the ratings. Clear Channel said recent radio ratings put Magic at No. 16 in the market.

The radio group said 27-year radio veteran Tom Wood will lead 105.1 over to 106.7. The new station will be named after him.

Kim Pyle, vice president and market manager for the Clear Channel radio stations in Little Rock, said the move would help The Wolf gain listeners.

"By allowing The Wolf to make the leap to 105.1, we can now provide even greater coverage and give more listeners in central Arkansas an opportunity to be a part of The Wolf," he said.

"With The Wolf change, we now have a chance to let the legendary Tom Wood showcase his talent in an adult hits format on 106.7," Phil Hunt, regional vice president of programming, said. "We're going to call the station Tom-FM after Tom Wood and his famous Brown Bagger Show."

Clear Channel Radio Little Rock consists of five stations: KSSN-FM 95.7, KHKN-FM 106.7, KDJE-FM 100.3, KMJX-FM 105.1 and KHLR-FM 94.9.