The Fayetteville Shale Symposium: Presentations, Special Report Articles

The Fayetteville Shale Play Symposium took place Aug. 29 at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. A schedule of events is available here. Speaker presentations and special report articles are below.

Speaker Presentations (PDFs)

Larry Bengal (16.1 MB)
Jeff Lambert (3.37 MB)
Ed Ratchford (5.28 MB)
Kathy Deck (542 KB)
ADEQ (700 KB)

Special Report: The Fayetteville Shale

The Symposium: Schedule of Events and Speakers List
The Barnett Shale in Texas: An Example of An Unconventional Energy Play
Landowners, Others Seeing the Impact of Energy Investment
The Economic Impact
Community College Trains Workers
A Geologic Overview
Frequently Asked Questions
The Environmental Impact
Southwestern Energy Seeks to Work with Stakeholders
How the Fayetteville Shale Affects Property Taxes
The Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission: A Regulatory Overview
Surface vs. Mineral: A Collision of Legal Rights
The Fayetteville Shale: Will This Be You?