State Police Make Arrest in 1999 Prince Murder

Arkansas State Police said Thursday afternoon that they have made an arrest in connection with the 1999 death of Carson Prince, 19, the daughter of former Little Rock Mayor Tom Prince.

Police said Stephen Allen Talley, 38 (pictured at right), of Perryville surrendered to the Perry County Sheriff's Department on Wednesday and is in custody, charged with three counts of capital felony murder. According to an affidavit released Thursday, Talley confessed to killing Carson Prince of Maumelle; Christopher Barnes, 25, of Pine Bluff; and Barbara Leggitt, 16, of Perryville.

Police said Talley has led them to Leggitt's remains and confessed to raping her and strangling her with twine.

The police affidavits do not indicate why Talley decided to confess.

According to the affidavit, Talley said that on April 28, 1999, he saw Carson Prince on the northbound side of Interstate 430, where her car had run out of gas. Talley told police he was "looking for someone to rape" and picked up the young woman.

Talley said Prince became scared and told Talley that her father was the mayor and that if something happened to her, "he would haunt him for the rest of his life." Talley told police he got scared and struck the woman with a crescent wrench.

Carson Prince opened the door of the truck, trying to escape. Talley then threatened her with a 9mm handgun and applied his brakes, at which time she fell out of the truck and hit her head on a concrete guardrail. Talley told police that he knew she wouldn't survive, so he kept driving.

Witnesses reported seeing the woman fall out of the white Ford truck, but the license plate number they gave police — YND-274 — was incorrect. Talley's license plate was YNR-754.

Police said Talley had since painted his white pickup green, purchased new tires and made other modifications to the truck. Talley's wife, Virginia, said she always felt her husband had been involved in the Prince murder.

Talley also told police that on June 21, 1999, he shot and killed Barnes so he could rape Leggitt. Police found Barnes' decomposing body four days later in rural Perry County, but Leggitt's body was not found until after Talley made his confession early Wednesday morning.

Police have filed charges related to the deaths of Leggitt and Barnes in Perry County District Court. They filed charges related to Prince in Pulaski County District Court.