Mortgages for Arkansas Helps Clients With Loans

Mortgages for Arkansas Inc.
Owner: Casey Miller
Address: 10 N. Shackleford Plaza, Suite 104, Little Rock 72211
Phone: (501) 224-4419
Hours: 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
Startup: April 19
Web Site:

One bright spot in the current economy is low interest rates that have had homeowners clamoring to refinance their homes. Casey Miller's new Mortgages for Arkansas offers conforming and nonconforming loans, sometimes at 100 percent of the home's value.

"Local banks have one set of guidelines when it comes to lenders, but we offer our clients more options because we have nationwide access to lenders," Miller said.

A native of Yellville, Miller said he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He has been in the lending business since 1989 and has worked for various companies such as ITT Financial, Associates Financial Services, Hibernia Bank and Premier Bank in Louisiana.

Offering loans to outlying areas such as Poplar Grove, West Helena and Lonoke County and expanding his company to other states are two goals Miller has set for Mortgages for Arkansas. Miller wants to offer rural clients access to more lending options than they have with local banks, he said.

Mortgages for Arkansas offers loans to a variety of clients, from blue collar to white collar workers, from the self-employed to farmers, and from those with good credit to those with not-so-good credit. Mortgages for Arkansas has four employees and two locations in Fort Smith and Little Rock.