From the Mayor: Tab Townsell

From the Mayor: Tab Townsell
Tab Townsell
Mayor, Conway

Dear Readers:

Welcome to Conway.

Conway is truly a once and future city. At this time, Conway is one of the best places in the United States to live, work and play. Led by the advent of Hewlett-Packard and Southwestern Energy, Conway’s economy is strong and growing, whether considering employment, retail and restaurant sales, or any number of metrics.

This past decade Conway has physically transformed itself in smart ways that paid dividends. Conway has the highest commercial design standards of almost anywhere in the state. Downtown has been revitalized with new streetscaping, shopping and restaurants — enhanced by the development of The Village at Hendrix as its urban compliment.

Culturally, partnering with our colleges and indigenous talent, the arts are so vibrant that Conway has been named the 6th Geekiest City in the country and in the Top 25 best places to retire. Recent multimillion-dollar developments to our parks and trails have added a world-class dimension to leisure in Conway. And all is accessed by a transportation system using smart ideas like roundabouts and bike lanes to make Conway more livable.

For all of Conway’s success, the future is even more exciting. Incorporating a new vision built on our strengths, we understand Conway’s successes will come by building Quality of Place. It is from Quality of Place that most people can build that urban quality of life they seek in cities.

We have also learned that if we build the type of city that a company’s employees will live in, we can successfully recruit that company. This past decade has proven the wisdom of that axiom, and we will continue to apply it as we build Conway into an even better place.

Enjoy your tour of Conway and its successes.

Mayor Tab Townsell