Fort Smith Unveils Plaque Marking City Time Capsule

The city of Fort Smith on Thursday unveiled a plaque marking the site of a city time capsule on the west entrance of the Fort Smith Convention Center.

The city buried the time capsule in 1992 to note the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of Fort Smith. It was to be opened in 50 years, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the city’s incorporation on Dec. 24, 1842.

Late last year, Jay Wiechert, the manufacturer of the time capsule, contacted Fort Smith Mayor Sandy Sanders about putting the plaque at the time capsule site. Paul Giuffre, who was chairman of the 1992 sesquicentennial committee, led the effort to raise money for the plaque installation.

“It is very appropriate to at last conclude this historical effort initiated by Mayor Ray Baker,” Sanders said in a city news release. “When this time capsule is opened again in 30 years, it should be part of a wonderful birthday celebration for Fort Smith.”