Duane Hanson Sculpture Surprising Crystal Bridges Visitors

Duane Hanson Sculpture Surprising Crystal Bridges Visitors
Duane Hanson, “Man on a Bench,” 1977, polyvinyl, oil, mixed media and accessories, 44 1/8 x 66 9/16 x 31 1/2 in. (112 x 169 x 80 cm). (Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art)

We didn’t have room last week for every morsel of our Q&A with Rod Bigelow, the relatively new executive director of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, so we’re sharing his interesting answer to our question: What is your favorite artwork at Crystal Bridges?

“My favorite work of art changes regularly, but today it is one that we just introduced into the galleries. It’s a Duane Hanson sculpture titled “Man on a Bench,” and it’s literally a depiction of an older gentleman sitting on a bench.

“I like it because of the way our visitors interact with the sculpture — they’re surprised by it, intrigued, sometimes taken aback in that they think it’s real. It elicits great response, from all ages.”

Your Whispers staff can attest to the lifelike quality of the sculpture, having seen it on a recent visit to the Bentonville museum and assuming at first that it was just another art lover resting up before entering the next gallery.