Marshawn Whorton Dismisses Loan Lawsuit

Marshawn Whorton has dismissed her breach of contract lawsuit against Jonathan Shane Smith and Wireless One Stop of Northwest Arkansas.

Whorton filed suit because she claimed that Smith did not follow through on the terms of a $480,000 loan used to purchase a chain of local wireless stores. In a recent Washington County Circuit Court filing, Whorton asked through her attorney Marshall Ney that the suit be dismissed without prejudice.

Whispers took notice of the dismissal because Marshawn Whorton is married to Brandon Barber’s co-defendant Jeff Whorton. And, as Arkansas Business reported last month, Smith had responded to the lawsuit with some uncomfortable questions about whether the money he borrowed had been “obtained illegally,” specifically “through bookmaking, i.e., accepting wagers for sporting events.”

Whorton and her attorney objected to the questions as irrelevant.