Nabholz Names Greg Williams CEO; Bill Hannah Moves to Chairman

Nabholz Names Greg Williams CEO; Bill Hannah Moves to Chairman
Greg Williams

Nabholz Construction Services announced Monday that CFO Greg Williams has been named CEO replacing Bill Hannah, who will move to chairman of the board.

The moves will become effective on Jan. 1 and were approved by a unanimous vote of the company's board of directors during a Dec. 6 meeting.

Chairman Emeritus Charles Nabholz issued the following statement about the moves:

"Our Board is very pleased to announce the appointment of Bill and Greg to these two important leadership positions. These promotions are the culmination of many months of careful succession planning efforts and will assure our clients and shareholders of top quality management for years to come. Bill has been an outstanding CEO for our company over the past 12 years, and I am confident that he will provide the same strong leadership as our company’s Chairman.

"I congratulate Bill on receiving a strong vote of confidence from our Board as he becomes the first person outside of the Nabholz family to fill the Chairman’s position. I am also delighted to see Greg step into his new role as CEO. He has proven himself as a strong leader, and he understands the financial and risk management aspects of our business. Preserving Nabholz’ values and high standards has always been his highest priority, and we are confident in his ability to lead the company forward."

Williams, 54, has served as Nabholz CFO since 1995 and has sat on the board for 11 years. 

"I’m honored by the board’s trust in me and I’m grateful for this opportunity to lead Nabholz," Williams in a press releases. "I have always told our board that I feel blessed to be part of such an amazing team and that I will serve however I am needed. We have a strong foundation, and I’m excited about the future of Nabholz."

Hannah said Williams is the right person to lead Nabholz.

"I’m very happy with the Board’s decision," he said. "Over the past several years, Greg has demonstrated a solid understanding of what it takes to build a strong organization. He has a clear vision that will serve him well as he leads the company forward. I can’t think of a better person than Greg for the job."