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A Smoking Success

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The quality of PK Grills has has remained consistant for more than 70 years. Starting out in Texas in the early 1950s, the company was purchased and moved to Little Rock in 1960. While the production of PK Grills’ products stopped in the mid-’70s, the superior durability of the grills led to a resumption of production after a 20-year hiatus. Today, the company continues to use castings of the original product and makes grills nearly identical to the company’s original. The PK Charcoal Grill & Smoker is unique in its world. Rather than buying separate products for grilling and smoking, the PK Grill allows both functions in one package.

(Mike Kemp)

The products at PK Grills go through several stops before finding their new homes. Ron Bradley (top), Heath Sorrells (middle) and Tim Fenimore (black and white photo below) make sure each grill is ready to be sent out to consumers. From assembly to custom engraving, all the way to packaging, the team at PK Grills is set on producing top tier products.

“When you get to spend your days building a brand, products and company your team and customers love, it’s so much easier to hit it again the next day.” – Scott Moody, Co-Owner of PK Grills

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