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Advertisers Benefit From New Acxiom Partnerships

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Acxiom Corp. of Little Rock has been building on its social media services, with three partnership announcements in the first three months of this year.

The data services and technology company said earlier this month that its partnership with Twitter Inc., the microblogging site based in San Francisco, was expanding to improve on the site’s behavior-targeting features.

Nada Stirratt, chief revenue officer at Acxiom, said in a statement announcing the partnership in January that the company’s clients are “increasingly looking to us to leverage data across all their digital marketing efforts so we are thrilled to be working closely with Twitter to further improve the reach and effectiveness of their ad campaigns.”

“As one of the select partners enabling a CRM approach to tailored audiences, we’re extremely enthusiastic about the benefits we can drive for our advertisers with this exciting new Twitter ad product,” she said.

That customer relationship management approach allows marketers to use information from Acxiom’s database to define an audience it wants to reach. The expansion announced this month provides 135 audience categories assembled by Acxiom for marketers to choose from.

According to the company, user categories “are selected by behavior, life stages, demographics and household information, and span all industries including financial services, retail, auto and consumer packaged goods.”

One example provided by the company included a car advertiser selecting an audience of people looking for a new vehicle.

Molly Seitel, vice president for global partner development at Acxiom who oversees the Twitter partnership, said in an interview that brands can drill down to reach even more specific audiences, including people with children in the home or certain age ranges.

“Any business can go into the Twitter ad user platform and build an ad campaign [using the] data,” Seitel said.

The company also announced last month that it was continuing its work with Facebook.

Through the recently renamed Facebook Marketing Partners Program, Acxiom provides “audience data and onboarding capabilities” to marketers in the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In a similar fashion to its Twitter offerings, Acxiom’s Facebook partnership allows marketers to reach specific audiences based on interest and behavioral data.

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