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Agent Matt Grissom Advises on Real Estate Technology

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Matt Grissom, 25, is a real estate agent for Crye-Leike in Conway. Since jumping into the business four years ago, he’s doubled his production each year, and this year he’s in Crye-Leike’s top 10 in sales volume for Faulkner County. The secret to his success, he said, is technology.

“I’ve got a baby face,” he said. “I look young. I’ve got to bring something else to the table that agents who have been here for 100 years don’t have. So when I get in the door, 100 percent of that is the technology that helps me.”

AB: What are the most useful current technologies for real estate professionals?

Grissom: I couldn’t do anything without my iPhone or iPad. With both of them and Verizon’s 4G LTE, I could be in Arkansas and able to pull up anything. I could go from showing a property in the center of the state to way out in Damascus. Definitely those two pieces of hardware, then the Zillow app. It’s all map-based, so when you’re in an area, you can pull that app up and see a map of where you are and all the houses around you for sale. As real estate agents, we use the [Multiple Listing Service], which I can pull up on my iPad or iPhone, and access the database of all the properties for sale all over Arkansas. Realtor.com, they have a good app. I can pull up a listing on that and post it directly to Facebook, which is nice.

Is the older real estate generation open to new technology?

Most of them. You’ve still got the ones who like to carry around a briefcase with a 50-pound laptop and a portfolio of listings. Some like to be old-fashioned, but the majority has at least a laptop right now. Probably five years ago, agents still used big desktop computers.

What advice would you give a real estate professional who is interested in using modern technology but is unsure where to start?

Actually, MLS provides us with technology courses that agents can go to learn about, so that’s probably what I’d tell them. I’ve helped a lot of agents — they get iPads for Christmas or something — they’re always at my door saying, ‘Hey, can you explain this to me?’ I enjoy watching people used to old technology trying out the new technology.

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