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ARcare: Investing in the Present to Change the Future

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Guided by its mission of Health for All, ARcare is a network of clinics and pharmacies that provides accessible health care across three states: Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi. Regardless of insurance status or financial capability, every patient receives care. Its business model is not only about medical treatment but also community partnerships, addressing health care and social needs. School-based health centers and telehealth technology ensure students and staff don’t miss vital instruction time.

In the thriving community of Searcy, ARcare’s investment is evident. Recognizing a childcare gap was emerging, the company partnered with Downtown Church of Christ to open a childcare education center on the church’s campus. The Searcy Center for Education serves infants through elementary school-aged children year-round and provides convenient on-site therapies for children needing those services. Through its technology investments, ARcare has partnered with the Searcy Public School District to offer students and staff telehealth services, ensuring access to primary and behavioral health care without leaving the school premises.

ARcare added three more Searcy facilities in 2023: Westside Clinic, Golf Course Drive Pharmacy, and Central Avenue Pharmacy. These new locations broaden patient accessibility and reinforce ARcare’s longtime commitment to the community.

Searcy is a growing area with a vast talent pool. Through its many partnerships with local organizations and personal investments, ARcare not only provides health for all but is striving to foster a community culture that is ripe with opportunities for the next generation.


Health for All Milestones: Searcy 2023 Key Stats

Searcy Center for Education in partnership with Downtown Church of Christ

Childcare center serving infants through elementary ages for all-day, after-school, and summer care.

  • 180 children enrolled
  • 40,000 meals served
  • 28 children are in foster care
  • 50+ children are served weekly through on-site behavioral health care
  • 50+ children are served weekly through therapy partners that come to the facility
  • 7 schools served (after-school pick up)
  • 37 staff members
  • 1 on-site clinic space for children and staff

New facilities opened in Searcy in 2023

  • Searcy Center for Education
  • Westside Clinic
  • Golf Course Drive Pharmacy
  • Central Avenue/Main Street Pharmacy

Additional Searcy Facilities

  • Searcy Medical North
  • Searcy Medical South
  • Searcy Corporate Support Center

Integrated Community Partnerships

  • Searcy School District
  • 100 Families of White County
  • United Way of White County
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