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Arkansas Children’s Research Institute, UAMS Awarded $420K

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Arkansas Children’s Research Institute and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences have received a $420,000 National Institutes of Health to research chlamydia. 

Their research could aid the development of novel therapies and, possibly, a vaccine for the infection.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of NIH, is funding the work of Laxmi Yeruva, Ph.D., an investigator at ACRI and an associate professor of pediatrics in the UAMS College of Medicine. 

She and her team will use the two-year award to examine interactions between chlamydia and proteins released by cells during infection. 

Yeruva’s research has also been supported, in part, by funds from the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, the major research component of the Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act of 2000.

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