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Arkansas Heart Hospital Still Negotiating with UnitedHealthcareLock Icon

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Dr. Bruce Murphy, CEO of Arkansas Heart Hospital of Little Rock, said last week the hospital system and UnitedHealthcare have “maintained negotiations” for a new contract for reimbursement rates. But time is running out.

In October, the hospital terminated its contract with UnitedHealthcare. The contract, however, contained a 180-day clause that has kept the Heart Hospital in network since then.  And that six-month period ends in April.

“We still take care of their patients under the previous contract, which you can see is woefully, woefully underpaid,” Murphy said.

UnitedHealthcare said in August that health care providers that demand rates similar to their competitors will significantly drive up health care costs for its policyholders and employers who use UnitedHealthcare for self-funded commercial health plans.

Baptist Health of Little Rock and UnitedHealthcare recently reached an agreement on their reimbursement rates that kept the state’s largest health care provider out of the insurer’s network since Jan. 1.

But no similar agreement has been announced with St. Bernards Healthcare of Jonesboro.

Its physicians and other health care providers, including those working at St. Bernards Medical Center, will move to out-of-network status with UnitedHealthcare if an agreement isn’t reached by March 1.

Stay tuned.

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