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Arkansas INBRE Sees $18.4M Federal Funding Renewal

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Arkansas INBRE, which promotes biomedical research with programs for undergraduate students and faculty statewide, has seen its $18.4 million in federal funding from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences renewed for the next five years.

Arkansas INBRE is the IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence program, which is housed on the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences campus.

IDeA refers to the Institutional Development Award program, which builds research capacity in states that historically have had low levels of National Institutes of Health funding.

“What we’ve managed to develop is a whole ecosystem that promotes biomedical research in Arkansas,” said Lawrence E. Cornett, Ph.D., Arkansas INBRE director. “After 20 years, we have students who were introduced to research by INBRE and are now career scientists or physicians. We have supported research that has produced exciting findings and impactful publications. We have purchased game-changing technology and supported new academic programs.”

With this latest funding, Arkansas INBRE has received a total of $78.5 million to date.

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