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Arkansas Lost at Least $22.6M in 2019 Internet Crimes

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Arkansas ranked 34th in the nation in the number of victims of internet crimes reported last year with 1,991, according to the “2019 Internet Crime Report,” released by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center in February.

The state ranked 29th in the amount of money reported lost: $22,681,002.

“The last calendar year saw both the highest number of complaints and the highest dollar losses reported since the center was established in May 2000,” the report said.

“IC3 received 467,361 complaints in 2019 — an average of nearly 1,300 every day — and recorded more than $3.5 billion in losses to individual and business victims,” the report said.

“The most frequently reported complaints were phishing and similar ploys, non-payment/non-delivery scams, and extortion. The most financially costly complaints involved business email compromise, romance or confidence fraud, and spoofing, or mimicking the account of a person or vendor known to the victim to gather personal or financial information.”

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