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Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance Offering Board Training

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The Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance is hosting a training session to try and help nonprofit boards navigate upcoming challenges.

The training is being provided in partnership with the University of Central Arkansas’ Center for Community and Economic Development. Susan Meier of Meier and Associates will be leading the training, called “The Strategic Board of the Future: Preparing for the Challenges of the Next Five Years.”

The session is part of ANA’s 2014 Trendsetter series. 

Angie Albright, director of programs for ANA, recently answered a few questions from Arkansas Business on the training.

Arkansas Business: What will this training, and Susan Meier, provide for Arkansas nonprofits?

Angie Albright: Susan came last year, and spoke about nonprofit board government. It is not always easy to make board governance for nonprofits engaging and entertaining, but she is lively, entertaining and engaging. She makes it interesting. She made people rethink how to organize their nonprofit boards. This year, the focus is different. She’ll be addressing how to be strategic in nonprofits and how boards can meet the challenges of the next few years. There is a changing face of nonprofits and she’ll address how boards can address that.

AB: Why is this training so important?

AA: We are trying to address the needs we hear from nonprofits across the state that want to do better work with their board of directors. Nonprofits are getting more savvy and more sophisticated. They are ready to look at in-depth issues and learn how to manage them. We’ve been hearing for months they want more board training.

AB: What are some of the challenges you see nonprofits facing in the next few years?

AA: One is competing for fundraising dollars and resource development. Nonprofits continue to grow. When you add more nonprofits, you cut the fundraising pie into more slices. There is a professionalization of the sector that is occurring. People understand that nonprofits are an economic driver in terms of pay and economic needs that are filled and served in communities across the state. They need the staff to meet that. They want to professionalize. If we do good training, organizations do better serving communities.

AB: Who should take part in this training?

AA: Anyone involved in nonprofits in any capacity, whether it is staff, volunteer or board members. The board is just one piece. It is an essential part and meaningful, but the staff and volunteers are as well. Sometimes, the staff, especially if members came from working outside of a nonprofit, don’t understand roles and responsibilities of working with the board. It helps if everyone is trained.

More Information

Registration is still open to attend the training, and can be completed online here. The price to attend is $65 for ANA members and $85 for non-members. Two members of a nonprofit can attend for the price of one, if a board member attends with a staff member, or vice versa. 

The training is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center on the UCA campus in Conway.

For more information, contact Angie Albright at AAlbright@ArkansasNonProfits.org or (501) 375-1223.

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