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Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance Suspends Operations

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The Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance, in an email sent to its members on Monday, announced that its board of directors voted to suspend operations effective June 2.

The alliance said that members will still have access to all benefits available via the website, but will no longer be required to pay dues, until further notice.

The ANA said, despite having staff that exceeded expectations and a board that strived to advance its voice, the organization had fallen prey to industry challenges and not been able to build the capacity it needs to make an impact.

“Despite our best efforts over the last few years, we’ve been unable to achieve the kind of growth, presence and influence we’d like to see and that our donors would be willing to support,” the email reads. “The most important responsibility of the board of directors of any organization is to ensure the financial health and sustainability of the organization. To that end, it’s time to step back and examine alternatives other than building the capacity of ANA.”

The organization had been focused on providing access to:

  • Grant resources
  • Training and development for boards of directors
  • Leadership development and business acumen training for executive directors
  • Building an aggressive public policy and advocacy program in partnership with a group of state legislators
  • Encouraging networking and collaboration among the nonprofit community at large

Arkansas Business has emailed the ANA and will update this story.

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