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Attorney Nearly Redefines Gag Order Under Mask RuleLock Icon

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Attorney Kristin Pawlik argues for a living but almost got a little carried away during a hearing recently in Benton County Circuit Judge John Scott’s courtroom.

Pawlik, a partner with Miller Butler Schneider Pawlik & Rozzell in Fayetteville, was wearing a mask while debating a point with the opposing counsel when things almost went awry.

“I almost passed out,” Pawlik said. “I was trying to argue through my mask. and I started hyperventilating. I had to take a minute. It was ridiculous. When you talk as fast and as loud as I do, it is a little tricky.”

Benton County judges require masks to be worn at all times while in court for safety precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pawlik, who has been vaccinated, said she keeps a mask with her when meeting new clients or clients who are concerned about the coronavirus.

“I’ve gotten trimmer masks, and ones that I can breathe better in,” Pawlik said. “When I interact with clients or a new client especially, I say, ‘Hi, I’m Kristin; I’m vaccinated; I’m not an asshole.’ That’s me being facetious, but I want them to know. If they are more comfortable with me wearing a mask, I have one on me all the time.”

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