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Augusta Place Attracts $9.3M Transaction (Real Deals)Lock Icon

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A 218-unit apartment complex in North Little Rock weighed in at $9.35 million.

TMF Augusta Place Holdings LLC, an affiliate of Think Multifamily in Frisco, Texas, purchased its namesake project at 4907 Augusta Circle from F4 Little Rock 1 LLC of Edmond, Oklahoma.

The deal is backed with an $8.9 million loan from Bancorp Bank of Wilmington, Delaware.

F4 Little Rock 1 bought the 11.36acre development for $3.8 million in June 2018 from John and Neryln Toland, the Dennis & Sandra Toland Revocable Trust and the Claudia T. Gravett Revocable Trust.

Mini Transaction

A 611-unit mini-storage facility in west Little Rock tipped the scales at $7.05 million.

Brookwood-WLR LLC, an affiliate of Brookwood Properties of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, acquired the Wellington Storage project at 800 Wellington Hills Drive.

The seller is Arkansas Self Storage Fund III LLLP, led by Graham Smith.

Arkansas Self Storage purchased the 4.97-acre development for $6 million in June 2015 from Wellington Storage Centers LLC, Wellington Storage Centers II LLC, Museum Storage LLC and Museum Storage II LLC, all led by Gary Dunlap.

Recycled Cycle Shop

A 27,426-SF cycle shop/restaurant in south Little Rock sold for $2.75 million.

TCIH-AH LLC, an affiliate of the Stan Johnson Co. in Tulsa, bought Rodney’s Cycle House at 9110 Interstate 30 from DFA LLC of Henderson, Nevada.

The 3.44-acre development is helping secure a $13.8 million funding agreement with SDP REIT LLC and SDP Financial 2020 Ltd., affiliates of Salt Lake City’s Sundance Bay.

DFA acquired the project for $1 million in December 2020 from Rodney’s Cycle House Inc., led by Rodney Roberts.

Tractor Supply Site

A 119.39-acre distribution development in Maumelle is in motion after a $2.51 million transaction.

Tractor Supply Co. of Brentwood, Tennessee, purchased the land from HEA Properties LLC, led by Marc Yelenich, Justin Carmody, Stephen Molpus, Ben T. Eiler, Ben L. Eiler and Bryan Austin. The land is on the east end of Champs Boulevard.

HEA Properties bought the site for $1.5 million in June 2005 from 635 Acres Joint Venture, led by William Rector Jr.

Splash Acquisition

A quick-lube project in west Little Rock changed hands in a $2.35 million deal.

Waltchack Little Rock Oil LLC of Birmingham, Alabama, acquired its 0.77-acre development at 100 Wellington Hills Road from Splash Chenal EOL LLC, led by Paul Stagg.

The land was purchased in December 2020 as part of a $4.5 million deal with MEBFI-Altitude LLC, led by George Dunklin and Ed Dickey.

Springvale Buy

A pair of 10-unit apartment buildings in North Little Rock rang up a $1.35 million sale.

Renegade Properties LLC, John Zachary Dennis and Kurtis Cochran; and Tim and Suson Dudley bought the Springvale Apartment project at 5515 and 5535 Springvale Road.

The seller is 3200 Myers Street Partners LLC, an affiliate of RPP Products of Bloomington, California.

The deal is financed with a $1.1 million loan from Central Bank of Little Rock.

3200 Myers acquired the 0.77-acre development at 5515 Springvale Road for $690,000 in April 2015 from Saint Properties LLC, led by Charles St. Clair, and the 0.71-acre development at 5535 Springvale Road for $685,000 in May 2015 from Springvale Apartments Building II LLC, led by Matt Chandler.

Slice of The Villa

Seven duplexes in Sherwood drew a $1.35 million transaction.

Shive Rentals LLC, led by Lorne and Emily Shive, purchased the property in The Villas project at 11607, 11613, 11619, 11625, 11701, 11707 and 11711 La Estrada Drive. The seller is Massey Homes Inc., led by Massey Bates.

The deal is funded with a seven-year loan of $1 million from Evolve Bank & Trust of West Memphis.

Massey Homes bought the combined 0.73-acre property in April 2018 as part of a $72,000 deal with Andy and Tracy Smith.

Half-Dozen Homes

Six houses in the Graham Woods neighborhood of Jacksonville are under new ownership after a $1.34 million deal.

AVHS AR I LLC, an affiliate of Home-Source Operations in Huntersville, North Carolina, acquired the single-family residences at 100, 101, 103, 105, 107 and 109 Westwood Drive.

The seller is ARG Housing LLC, an affiliate of American Residential Group of Fayetteville.

The home sites were purchased in August 2019 as part of a $287,000 transaction with WD Development Co. LLC, led by Dana Nixon.

Apartments Purchase

Forty apartments in Little Rock sold for $1.1 million.

Ashes To Diamonds LLC of Westminster, Colorado, bought the 22-unit Foster Street Apartments at 3608 Foster St. in west Little Rock and the 18-unit Chasyn Apartments at 4725 Hoffman Road in south Little Rock.

The sellers are LR Foster Venture LLC and LR Hoffman Venture LLC, both led by Ryan McShea.

The deal is backed with a $1.1 million funding agreement with Goldman Sachs Bank USA of New York.

The half-acre Foster Street development and 0.95-acre Hoffman Road development were acquired for $380,000 each in June 2020 from Fason Properties LLC, led by Brian Fason.

Sandman Sale

The 44,862-SF home of a sandblasting venture in south Pulaski County changed hands in a $836,000 deal.

TFC Enterprises LLC, led by Thomas and Elizabeth Cox, purchased the Sandman facility at 11850 Arch St. The seller is Coburn Land & Leasing LLC, led by Roger Coburn.

The deal is financed with a one-year loan of $684,000 from First Security Bank of Searcy.

The 21.83-acre property was assembled in four deals totaling $295,000. The sellers were Ray and Ann Stalnaker, $200,000 in May 2011; Jimmy Patton, $30,000 in March 2012 and $30,000 in July 2012; and Johnny Guerriera, $35,000 in April 2013.

S-R Plaza

Ownership of a 12,616-SF office building in west Little Rock shifted in deals totaling $750,000.

S-R Plaza LLC, led by Kevin Huchingson, acquired the 25% stake in the 11700 Cantrell Road project from:

• LAF Brothers Properties LLC, led by Jason LaFrance, 12.24% for $367,200;
• K And D Huchingson Ltd. LLLP, led by Kevin Huchingson, 9% for $270,000;
• and Jayhawk Holdings LLC, led by Joe Courtright, 3.76% for $112,800.

The 6.26-acre site was purchased for $262,000 in December 2000 from Winrock Enterprises Inc., led by Russ McDonough III.

Commercial Corner

A 32.4-acre tract in south Pulaski County rang up a $600,000 sale.

Mirzali and Nazeema Lakhani bought the land at the southwest corner of Interstate 530 and Pratt Road from The Clifton Family LLLP, led by Norman Clifton.

The LLLP provided a $510,000 mortgage to fund the transaction.

The property was acquired for $65,000 in March 2000 from the Small Business Administration.

Easterseals Expansion

A 9,460-SF kennel facility in west Little Rock drew a $450,000 transaction.

Easterseals Arkansas, led by Ron Ekstrand, purchased the Fairview Kennels project at 11523 Fairview Road, which adjoins its complex. The seller is CB&H LLC, led by John Croft and Deborah Bohiken.

The 0.77-acre development was bought for $320,000 in January 1996 from John and Joan Walker.

BBB Building

A 4,864-SF office building in west Little Rock is under new ownership after a $415,000 deal.

NXT Gen Development LLC, led by Zack Deymaz, acquired the 12521 Kanis Road project from Better Business Bureau Of Arkansas Inc., led by Janet Robb.

The 1.31-acre development was purchased for $310,000 in August 2002 from Robert and Sherrie Woodworth.

Office Property

A 3,034-SF office building in downtown Little Rock sold for $286,000.

Yash Rattu and Ranjuit Kaur bought the 813 W. Third St. project from 3200 Myers Street Partners LLC.

The deal is funded with a 20-year loan of $327,000 from Relyance Bank of Pine Bluff.

The 0.19-acre development was acquired for $290,000 in May 2015 from PDC LLC, led by Gene Pfeifer.

Dollar Location

A 1.98-acre site for a Dollar General Store in north Pulaski County changed hands in a $152,000 deal.

PB General Holdings (Jax Batesville Pike) LLC, led by Leonard Boen, purchased the location at the northeast corner of Batesville Pike and Jacksonville-Conway Road from Kimberly Kay Corp.

Construction is backed with a five-year loan of $1.3 million from Relyance Bank.

The property was bought in August 1989 as part of a $10,000 deal with Gary and Janel Joiner.

River Ridge

A 5,368-SF home in Little Rock’s River Ridge neighborhood weighed in at $1.61 million.

The Bierbaum Family Trust, led by William and Diane Bierbaum, acquired the house from Allen Engstrom.

The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $1.1 million from Morgan Stanley Private Bank of Purchase, New York.

The residence was purchased for $1.1 million in April 2013 from Martin and Julia Sunde.

Rural Residence I

A 6,529-SF home near Roland rang up a $950,000 sale.

The Meirana Family Trust and the Frances E. Meirana Family Trust, both led by John Meirana, bought the 36.65-acre residential spread from James P. Matthews.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $760,000 from Morgan Stanley Private Bank.

The property was acquired for $400,000 in March 1985 from Tom and Jan Brewer.

Hillcrest Home

A 4,868-SF home in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock drew an $885,000 transaction. Regina and John Pena purchased the house from Edward and Danyelle Walker.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $885,000 from American Pacific Mortgage Corp. of Roseville, California.

The location was bought for $39,000 in March 2008 from Todd Raney.

Rural Residence II

A 3,708-SF home in west Pulaski County is under new ownership after an $840,000 deal.

Iver and Julie Jacobson acquired the house from the Evangelina C. Atkinson Revocable Trust.

The deal is financed with a 15-year loan of $543,250 from First Security Bank.

The 6.9-acre property was purchased for $91,000 in November 1994 from Lasater Family Ltd., led by Linda Lasater.

Heights House

A 2,214-SF home in the Heights area of Little Rock sold for $815,000.

Brad & Kathy Joint Revocable Trust, led by Brad and Kathy Workman, bought the house from Douglas Jackson Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth.

The residence was acquired from Lynn Topp in October 2004 for $413,000.

Falstone Court

A 3,758-SF home in west Little Rock’s Falstone Court changed hands in a $791,993 sale.

Crouch Family Trust, led by Kent and Pamela Crouch, purchased the house from B&D Homes Inc., led by Ben Wiedower.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $524,500 from Arvest Bank of Fayetteville.

The site was bought from Potlatch-Deltic Real Estate LLC in April 2021 for $98,000.

Riviera Condo

A 2,866-SF condominium in the Riverdale area of Little Rock rang up a $780,000 sale.

The Finch Living Trust, led by Leslie and Jerrie Finch, acquired the 11th floor residence from Riviera Partners LLC, led by Randy Mourot.

The 123,976-SF Riviera Building at 3700 Cantrell Road was purchased for $6.6 million in April 2007 from Heartland Properties Corp., led by Larry McCraw.

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