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Best Places to Work: Encore Bank

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Established in 2019, Encore Bank set out to redefine not only what a bank looks like, but sets out a clear vision of what a company culture should look like. 

Visitors find a collaborative environment influenced by an approachable style of internal and external communication that provides for a fun but productive work culture.

Along with the intranet kudos and virtual “curtain call” celebration, Encore Bank demonstrates its commitment to employee well-being.

Encore has placed an emphasis on mental and physical health and leadership openly talks to managers regularly about identifying stress-related concerns with employees. This has become a regular topic of discussion at the curtain calls and among co-workers as the bank ensures employees deal with stress in a healthy way and are aware of the employee assistance program.

Encore uses the comprehensive, Lighthouse Whistleblower hotline, a valuable tool to build on a foundation of integrity and trust. 

“This is how we Encore” is a graphic representation of the company culture that collects team members’ impressions of the bank’s values and culture. No voice was omitted, and the document, plus Encore’s values statements, were presented by the founders in a bank-wide, virtual pep rally and distributed to all employees on mousepads and printouts.



  • Employees are recognized with shares of stock for their performance on an annual basis and there are several annual opportunities in which all employees get a bonus if company goals are achieved.

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