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Best Places to Work: Southwest Power Pool

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Southwest Power Pool recognizes the power of people working together. It is one of seven U.S. regional transmission organizations and monitors the power grid across a 17-state region.

SPP performs challenging, rewarding work that directly contributes to 18 million people’s quality of life by ensuring the reliable and affordable delivery of electricity.

SPP employs more than 600 engineers, IT professionals, system operators and others. For such a highly technical company, SPP is people-centric, investing heavily in learning and development, relationship-building and community service.

SPP’s employees have demanding jobs and do specialized work, so SPP works hard to compensate them generously; give them opportunities to grow and advance in their careers; and provide an inclusive, respectful and supportive corporate culture in which to work.

SPP supports staff at every stage of their careers, beginning long before their first day of work. It partners with local schools to show students how STEM education can lead to rewarding careers like those at SPP.

The organization also works closely with universities to recruit top talent, and offers engineering and IT internships that give college students hands-on experience doing real work that contributes to SPP’s mission.

Staff are encouraged to learn about other parts of the organization through “Connect” programs that allow them to shadow co-workers in other divisions. SPP also encourages lateral and “diagonal” career moves into other job roles, which broadens the foundations on which employees can build a long-term career.

There are lots of opportunities for fun, too. From after-hours events like baseball games for staff and their families to wellness challenges to networking opportunities, SPP encourages staff to maintain a work-life balance and deepen relationships outside the office.

In addition to the numerous fun activities, SPP recognizes employees through its Community Service Award, President Award and the John Marschewski Leadership Award.


Southwest Power Pool offers live music in the cafeteria.

Southwest Power Pool formed in 1941 as an affiliation of regional utilities working to keep the lights on across the state as electricity use increased because of World War II production efforts.

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