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Bite Squad: The Netflix of Meal Delivery?

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Bite Squad, the restaurant meal delivery service based in Minneapolis, is launching its subscription service, called Unlimited, which gives subscribers unlimited meal deliveries for only one monthly payment. Bite Squad participants will be limited to ordering from restaurants within a 4-mile radius of the delivery location.

The monthly payment varies by city, from $5.99 to $9.99. Craig Key, Bite Squad VP of marketing, said the fee in central Arkansas is $5.99 and Bite Squad is offering a two-week free trial. It’s being offered now to select customers, who will see the option at checkout.

Bite Squad Unlimited has been compared to Netflix. “When a service is as great and as useful as Netflix is, it becomes ingrained in our lives,” Key said. “And we’re happy to pay a small fee every month to make sure it can stay a part of our lives. We believe we’re that kind of service.”

From a business perspective, the Unlimited program provides Bite Squad a constant, more predictable revenue stream.

Bite Squad, which bought Chef Shuttle last year, has more than 150 participating restaurants in central Arkansas, Key said. In northwest Arkansas, about 100 restaurants participate.

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